Posada is a Spanish word for “inn”, and the Posadas Navideñas, which recall events leading up to the Nativity of Jesus are a huge Christmas tradition in Mexico. La Alameda is the place to celebrate Posadas Navideñas and it begins with a procession at the plaza symbolizing Mary and her husband Joseph as they look for an inn on their way to Bethlehem and  is symbolically done  with a candlelight procession asking for a “room at the inn”, at different stops at the stores along the way, by singing special Posada songs.  The characters are in costume and the walk through the plaza includes Joseph and Mary and a parade of people that is followed by an entourage of children and adults who join in on the songs. To go along with the story, the couple is refused at every stop, until the end of the route. When the couple finishes their journey, it ends at the plaza center court and thats when the group of people have a Christmas party and continue on with Christmas carols, a a piñata, and an evening celebration.

We will have appearances from Santa Claus and we will have a toy giveaway and much more during this weekend event.